2009 Winners of the Leadership Achievement Award

on Saturday, 19 May 2012. Posted in Press Releases

Dr Jill Tomlinson is the Winner of the Australian virtual Centre for Leadership for Women (CLW)’s 2009 national Leadership Achievement for Women Award.

The medical community is undergoing rapid gender change – in the course of a generation women have gone from comprising a small minority of medical graduates to making up over 50% of each graduating year. Despite this women remain under-represented in senior leadership positions. With the vision to empower medical women, providing doctors and medical students with leadership skills and improved networking and mentoring opportunities, Dr Jill Tomlinson designed a project under the auspices of the Australian Federation of Medical Women (AFMW) to foster communication, networking, respect, leadership ability and opportunities among medical women. Successfully gaining funding, Dr Tomlinson awarded twenty-two AFMW Leadership Scholarships totalling $15,000 to medical women to attend the Medical Women’s International Association (MWIA) Western Pacific Regional Congress in Melbourne in October 2008.

This, and Dr Tomlinson’s other leadership initiatives for medical women is being recognised by CLW’s 2009 Leadership Achievement for Women Award launched in 2005, aiming to honour women in the community who use their own initiative to create and implement projects for the benefit of the community and in collaboration with the community.

This year, CLW also recognizes the leadership achievements of Julie Gale, Founder of Kids Free 2B Kids, who is raising awareness about the issue of the early sexualisation of children in advertising and the media by creating a sustained public debate to shift perceptions that this issue is about the mental health of children and young teens. Together with Finalist Julie Gale, Stephanie Taylor, a learning and development professional is being recognised for developing the L&D Professionals Forum so that professionals could network, be exposed to the latest industry trends and participate in professional development opportunities within the Sydney CBD.

Winning the Short-listed category for the Award are the following women:

  • Kath Mazzella for her vision to bring professionals and health consumers together for the betterment of Gynaecological/Sexual issues
  • Melissa Hughes for creating an ongoing support group where women could come with their children and partners to seek help, validation and normalisation of their roles as parents and be assisted by qualified therapists
  • Dr Cathy Kezelman for addressing the needs of more than two million adults surviving child abuse in the Australian community and raising the issues of adult survivors in the public arena so that attitudes of the shame and stigma change in the community
  • Margaret Hardy for developing the Significant Women of the Central Coast books to record women’s stories so that others can learn from their involvement and be inspired by their achievements and life story
  • Lynne Schulz for raising awareness about the problems faced by multiple birth loss families and creating a supportive environment for surviving multiple birth children
  • Justine Kelly for developing a website and e-zine to promote labels and designers that are innovative and create eco friendly fashion and for also building partnerships with designers and producers in less developed countries

Highly Commended for the Award are Stacey Irving and Terania Shanahan, co-founders of AWARE, an organisation dedicated to raising awareness in the local community about global humanitarian issues, promoting equality and sustainable development.

Together with Diann Rodgers-Healey, Founder of CLW, the Panel of Judges for the 2009 Awards were Filmmaker and writer, Karen Buczynski-Lee; CEO of the Australian College of Educators, Medical Scientist, Founder and Director of Global Sisterhood Network, Lynette Dumble; Chief Police Commissioner of Victoria Police, Christine Nixon; Cheryl O’Connor; Dr Shirley Randell AM, Consultant for Gender and Governance for Empowerment in Rwanda, Eastern Africa; and Dr Jocelynne Scutt, Barrister & Human Rights Lawyer, First Anti-Discrimination Commissioner and Executive Producer.

CLW’s 2009 Leadership Achievement Award for Women was proudly sponsored by ANZ, Australia Post, Avril Henry Pty Ltd and Living Now Magazine. Their financial support of these Awards particularly in the current economic climate is testament to the significance of these Awards for women in the Australian community.