Seeking Participants - Women in Leadership Research Study

on Thursday, 28 July 2016. Posted in Giving Back, ACLW Research


As a post-graduate research student with Sydney University, Michelle Starr is currently running an extensive research study on women in leadership which explores the constraints specifically facing women in c-suite leadership.

As part of the study, she is conducting interviews and surveying women who have either reached an executive position, or continue to seek promotion in this area. The research explores not only organisational constraints, but domestic constraints & the interface between the two.

Below is some information about her study and her contact details, if you are interested in taking part.

The under-representation of women in leadership roles, as well as other gender-based inequities, continues to persist. Systemic forms of gender inequality within organisations have been extensively studied and reported with a variety of organisational policies and practices introduced to address identified gender inequities. Substantial work in understanding the dynamics of division of household labour has also been undertaken. Yet we’re still not seeing the progress within organisations that we hoped for.

The ‘Access and Denial: Opportunities & Constraints for Women in C-Suite Leadership’ university post-graduate research project focuses on the interface between the workplace and domestic spaces in an attempt to understand how each influences and effects the other. Within this study there is a particular emphasis on how broader socio-cultural and gender norms combine to perpetuate gender discriminative practices, influencing the demands and expectations placed on working women, and ultimately inhibiting the ascension of women into c-suite/senior leadership roles.

If you are interested in finding out more about participating in the study, a research website has been set up which provides key details:

Alternatively, you can contact Michelle Starr directly at