ACLW's Diversity Award Finalists

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ACLW proudly announces the Finalists of its inaugural 2016 national Diversity Award. 
All Finalists will be recognised at the Diversity Dinner Award Ceremony on 14th September 2016 in Parliament House, Sydney when winners in each category will be announced. 
We look forward to celebrating the extraordinary achievements of the Award's Diversity Champions and Women who have benefited from the Diversity Champion's initiative. Please join us to commend and support all of the Award Finalists.
Thank you to all of the individuals and organisations who applied for this Award.  Your achievements for women from diverse backgrounds and in different sectors showcases a rich tapestry of diversity initiatives for women, particularly for margnalised women across Australia.
A special Thank you is extended to all of the Award's expert Judges and generous Sponsors for making this national Award for women possible.  


Information about Diversity Award Finalist's Achievements 


Information about the Diversity Award Ceremony and ticket availability can be found here.

Congratulations to all of the Finalists!
Dr Diann Rodgers-Healey

2016 Diversity Award Finalists:


Diversity Champions

Woman Benefiting

Amelia Telford Angel Owen
Carly Findlay Kyrie Fuss
Cynthia Balogh Catherine Cervasio
Dagmar Jenkins  Name withheld 
DV NSW Kay Schubach
Energy Skills Qld Koorine Walker & Malvena Walker
Fay Hair Kath Nelson
Hazara Women of Australia Ansia Muradi
Lisa Kennewell Dr Nayana Parange
Mariette Cowley Winifred Nanala
Merredith Hillebrand Peggy Maxwell
Natalie Scanlon Aarch Parekh
Olivetree Women’s  Network  Indra Yanti
Rachel Nicolson Regan Barker
Robyn Bull Natalie McKirdy
Roxanne Smith Ljudan Michaelis-Thorpe
Sonia McDonald Shelley Anne-Brace
Tenneh Kpaka Najeeba Wazefadost
The Gender Equity in Science Committee Marnie Blewitt
Women and Mentoring (WAM) Juli Gansberg
Women with Disabilities Victoria (WDV) Sam Winch

Finalists of Diversity Champions and Women Benefiting / Australian State

Diversity Champion Cynthia Balogh (R) & Catherine Cervasio


 Cynthia Balogh Catherine Cervasio 2a


Diversity Champion Walter and Eliza Hall Institute for Medical Research - The Gender Equity in Science Committee

& A/Prof Marnie Blewitt


WEHI Gender Equity in Science Committee

WEHI Gender Equity in Science Committee: (from left to right) Dr Joanne Hildebrand, Ms Louise Naughton, Dr Gabriela Brumatti, Professor Terry Speed, Dr James Vince, Dr Keely Bumsted-O'Brien, A/Prof Marnie Blewitt , Professor Melanie Bahlo, Dr Alyssa Barry, Dr Justin Boddey and Dr Anne Rios

Shelley-Anne Brace (L) & Diversity Champion Sonia McDonald


 Shelley Brace Sonia McDonald

Diversity Champion Mariette (Mary) Cowley & Winifred Nanala 


Mariette (Mary) Cowley 

 M Cowley

Diversity Champion Amelia Telford (L) & Angel Owen


 Amelia Telford Angel Owen

Diversity Champion Roxanne Smith (L) & Ljudan Michaelis-Thorpe


 Roxanne Smith Ljudan Michaelis

Kyrie Fuss (R) & Diversity Champion Carly Findlay 


Kyri Fuss Carly Findlay

Diversity Champion Dagmar Jenkins  & Woman with a disability 

Photo of Dagmar Jenkins (L) & Carolyn Worth, Manager of South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault

(photo not provided of woman benefiting)



Dagmar Carolyn photo MRR launch


Diversity Champion Women with Disabilities Victoria (WDV) & Sam Winch


WDV Co Facilitators copy

Women with Disabilities Victoria’s Gender and Disability Workforce Development Team of Co-Facilitators including women with disabilities and project partners from Women’s Health Services, and WDV staff: Kristin Sheridan (Co-Facilitator), Emma Mahoney (Co-Facilitator), Jax Jacki Brown (Co-Facilitator), Fiona Guthrie (Co-Facilitator), Colleen Furlanetto (Co-Facilitator), Sue Rosenheim (Co-Facilitator), Sam Winch (Co-Facilitator), Eva Sifis (Co-Facilitator), Fofi Christou (Gender Equity Program Manager), Vicki Hester (Co-Facilitator), Keran Howe (Executive Director).

Diversity Champion Olivetree Women's Network & Indra Yanti

Photo: Fatima Kourouche, CEO of Olivetree Women's Network (L) & Indra Yanti



 Fatima Kourouche Indra Yanti

Diversity Champion Tennah Kpaka (L) & Najeeba Wazefadost


 Tennah Kpaka Najeeba Wazefadost

Diversity Champion Hazara Women of Australia & Ansia Muradi (R)


Hazara Women of Australia  Ansia Muradi

Diversity Champion DVNSW & Kay Schubach 

Moo Baulch, CEO of DVNSW (L) & Kay Schubach


 Kay Schubach Moo Baulch

Diversity Champion Merredith Hillebrand (R) & Peggy Maxwell


 Merredith Hillebrand Peggy Maxwell

Diversity Champion Natalie Scanlon (L) & Mrs Aarch Parekh


 Natalie Scanlon Aarch Parehk

Diversity Champion Women and Mentoring (WAM) & Juli Gansberg

Juli Gansberg (L) & Mentor Prue Gill


 Juli Gasberg with mentor Prue Gill photo

Diversity Champion Lisa Kennewell (L) & Dr Nayana Parange


 Lisa Kennewell Nayana Parange

Diversity Champion Energy Skills Qld & Koorine Walker & Malvena Walker


 kerry fullarton and women1

Kerry Fullarton ( L) Koorie Walker (M) and Malvena Walker

Natalie McKirdy (L) & Diversity Champion Robyn Bull


 Robyn Bull Natalie McKirdy ACLW photo2

Diversity Champion Rachel Nicolson (L) & Regan Barker


Regan Barker Rachel Nicolson

Diversity Champion Fay Hair (L) & Kath Nelson
 Fay Hair  Kath Nelso 2