ACLW Leadership Conversations on You Tube

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ACLW Leadership Conversations on You Tube

ACLW's Leadership Conversations Program 2013

The program of Leadership Conversations was organised by Diann Rodgers-Healey to enhance the discourse of leadership and profile well-known and not so well-known leaders. The 3 separate events with Political, Aboriginal women and Community leaders involves an hour long conversation with Diann and is followed by a Q&A from the audience.  The Conversations took place in the City Beach Function Centre in Wollongong over a period of 3 months. Conversations aim to explore leadership in action through a range of perspectives including leadership skills, leadership models, gender, vision, the constraints leaders faced in their role and sector and strategies employed to overcome them. More info


Session 1 Leadership Conversation with Political Leaders

Panellists: Stephen Jones, MP; Gareth Ward MP; Sandra McCarthy fmr Mayor; Anna Watson MP. This particular excerpt is about events relating to the former Prime Minister Gillard's leadership spill.

Panellists' Bio  


Session 2 Leadership Conversations with Aboriginal Women Leaders

Panellists: Veronica Bird, Executive Member NSW Local Government Aboriginal Network; Janelle Brown, Aboriginal Community Engagement, Communities for Children Barnardos; Sylvia Campbell, Drug & Alcohol Worker SESIAHS;  Jodi Edwards, Aboriginal Cultural Education & Language Consultant 

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26 September 2013 - Panel of Community Leaders

Panellists: Carol Berry, CEO Illawarra Women's Health Centre; Sally Stevenson, Chairperson indigo foundation;  Warren Turner, SES Rescue Officer, Illawarra South Coast Kiama Unit,  Lisa Back, Social Worker