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on Monday, 21 May 2012. Posted in Leadership Achievement Award for Women (LAAW)


Minister Tanya Pilbersek

The Hon Tanya Pilbersek, MP,  Minister for the Status of Women

"As Minister for the Status of Women, I congratulate the Australian Virtual Centre for Leadership for Women (CLW) on its successful program - The Leadership Achievement Awards for Women.

Australia needs more women in influential positions and we must inspire women to aim higher. It is important that women are encourage and supported to take on greater leadership and decision-making roles in every aspect of Australian society.  Publicly recognising and rewarding women for their achievements and encouraging more of them into leadership positions will ensure that women's issues are kept on the agenda and contribute to better outcomes for all Australians. 

We have experienced significant milestones in the past twelve months with the appointment of our first female Deputy Prime Minister, our first female Governor-General and our first female Anglican Bishop.  We need to keep this momentum going.

The calibre of past winners and short-listed applicants for the Leadership Achievement Award the Women is outstanding, as is the range of their activities and endeavours. I applaud CLW for providing an opportunity for women of all ages and walks of life to be recognised and supported for their fine work.. I am confident that the 2009 Leadership Achievement Awards for Women will yet again attract a strong field of contenders and i wish each and every one of them well. 

 I encourage everyone to support the 2009 Leadership Achievement Awards for Women."

Tanya Pilbersek



Minister Verity Firth

The Hon Verity Firth, MP, NSW  Minister for Women

Minister for Climate Change and the Environment ; Minister for Science and Medical Research; Minister Assisting the Minister for Health (Cancer)

It is with great pleasure that I offer my support for the Leadership Achievement Award, established and organised by the Centre for Leadership for Women (CLW).

The recognition and support that this Award offers women in Australia is extremely valuable and I commend the CLW for acknowledging and encouraging women leaders in the community, especially women who use their own initiative to implement projects for the benefit of others. 

As NSW Minister for Women, I understand the importance of empowering women to believe in their own unique leadership qualities, and this Award is one way to achieve that. I believe the Leadership Achievement Award is also an opportunity to contribute to the capacity building of women leaders and promote gender awareness in the community. 

I would encourage women and men to support the CLW’s Leadership Achievement Award and consider nominating eligible women for the Award.  

I wish the CLW all the best with the 2009 Leadership Achievement Awards.

Yours sincerely

Verity Firth, MP

NSW Minister for Women




Minister Sue Ellery

The Hon Sue Ellery, MP, Western Australia  Minister for Women's Interests

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Minister Jennifer Rankine

The Hon Jennifer Rankine, MP, South Australia  Minister for Women

As Minister for the Status of Women in South Australia I am pleased to offer my support for the Centre for Leadership for Women (CLW) Leadership Achievement Awards. 

The South Australian Government believes women should be full and equal participants in the social and economic life of the community.  We've set targets on women in leadership positions in South Australia's Strategic Plan. For equal representation of women on, as well as chairing our State Government boards and committees, increasing the number of women in Parliament and to have women comprise half of the public sector employees in the executive levels by 2014.   

Recognising and celebrating the achievements of women is vital in promoting the talents and abilities of women and showcasing women as role models. The Women’s Leadership Achievement Awards, provide a great opportunity to acknowledge and honour the achievements of women in our communities. 

I wish the Centre for Leadership for Women success with the Leadership Achievement Awards and encourage women to nominate.

Hon Jennifer Rankine MP



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Minister Maxine Morand

The Hon Maxine Morand MP, Victoria's Minister for Women’s Affairs

It gives me great pleasure to support the Leadership Achievement Awards for Women. Recognising leadership achievements is particularly relevant in Victoria as this year we celebrate the centenary of women’s suffrage.

Women’s leadership in a wide variety of roles has a very significant impact on achieving change in our community.

It is vital that women’s representation and participation remains strong to ensure the best leaders are drawn from a diverse range of community groups. 

I congratulate the Centre for Leadership for Women on establishing the Leadership Achievement Awards and recognising the valuable contribution women make to our community.



Minister for Women’s Affairs



Minister Maxine McKew

The Hon Maxine McKew MP, Parliamentary Secretary

for Early Childhood Education and Child Care

"I am delighted to give my support to the Leadership Achievement Award which recognises and supports the important and valuable role of women leaders in the community. It is encouraging to see so many women taking the initiative in leadership roles in Australia. I am particularly thrilled to have taken my place as a member of the Rudd Labor team at a time when we have appointed our first female Governor General. As the Prime Minister said on the occasion of the swearing in of Quentin Bryce:

It only took us 107 years, but we made it".



Minister for Tourism and Sport and Recreation; Women; assisting the Minister for State Development 

"Dear Ms Rodgers-Healey  

Thank you for your recent email regarding the launch of your national Leadership Achievement Award Program for women.  It is always pleasing to hear about activities that are occurring in the community which concern the role of women in our society.    

The NSW Premier’s Department, Office for Women, would like to offer to support your promotion of this award by including it on our website in the near future.  

Congratulations on your 5-year anniversary and best of luck for the future.

Yours sincerely

Sandra Nori" 

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