Why you should consider self-nominating for ACLW’s Diversity Award

on Wednesday, 27 April 2016. Posted in Diversity Award, Empowerment, Recognition - Flagship Awards Program

Why you should consider self-nominating for ACLW’s Diversity Award

With only 3 days left to nominate for ACLW’s Diversity Award, I still hear resistance in many quarters to self-nominate, despite the self-knowledge that personal achievements have broken through barriers and made a difference to the lives of women.

It is formidable that so many of us empower women for intrinsic gain rather than extrinsic, that we put time and effort into projects to excel in outcomes for women, that our benchmarks are far higher than any performance appraisals and that the limelight of reward and recognition is furthest from our mind as we get in, to get it done.

Yet in a world where women’s voices are not heard, valued less and judged unfairly, recognition does empower. It opens a window to being seen, heard and valued at close quarters and in a wider platform. It enables one’s organisations to shine in one’s limelight and also be seen, heard and valued for supporting one.

Self nominating is an aspect of self-leadership, as you stand in ownership of your achievements, in the knowledge that the outcome has resulted from your best efforts, your full commitment and alignment to your vision. How then can self nominating be associated with guilt? I can see it as an honourable source of pride, integrity and sense of self.

I urge you to consider self-nominating for ACLW’s Diversity Award without hesitation. There have been months of work behind the scenes to get this Award up and running and it was done with the firm belief that what you do for women, particularly marginalised women needs to be recognised in a mainstream platform, and marginalised women need to be recognised for integrating and thriving from this assistance.



The deadline for the 2016 Diversity Award has been extended to 12 May.

Contact me if you have any questions about the application.

I look forward to receiving  your self- nomination or nominations of other individuals or organisations, so that we can celebrate the tremendous work being done for all women.


 Thank you

Diann Rodgers-Healey