Frequently Asked Questions - Diversity Award

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Frequently Asked Questions  - Diversity Award


Can a woman or man apply as a Diversity Champion?

The Diversity Award will recognise an organisation or an individual (woman or man) as a Diversity Champion, so Part A can be completed by a woman, man or the organisation as a Diversity Champion.

Part B can be completed by a woman who is benefitting from the Diversity Champion’s initiative.


I would like to nominate myself for this award. Can I do this?

Yes, absolutely as the application is open to self-nominations also.

If you nominate yourself as a Diversity Champion, then please complete Part A of the application focusing on a current initiative that is also well established. Part B will need to be completed by a woman or women who have benefited from your initiative.


I want to nominate myself for the indigenous category but I am not indigenous. The women I have run initiatives for are indigenous. Am I eligible?

Yes you are eligible, as the Diversity Champion does not need to be from a marginalised group. The woman for whom the initiative(s) is, however, must be from one of the marginalised groups.

Our organisation wants to nominate for the Award, but they have run several initiatives for women. Which one would the application focus on?

Your application would briefly refer to your key initiatives for women and would focus on the one(s) that directly relates to the woman recipient responding to Part B of the application.


I want my organisation to be the nominee of the project. Can I be the nominator being that I am the facilitator of the project I run in my organisation?

You can nominate your organisation to be the Diversity Champion for the first part of the application. The second part of the application will need to be completed by a woman who has benefited from a current initiative run by your organisation.


We would like to nominate a woman for one of the categories. We are not sure who should be nominated for Part B. Is it the same woman we have nominated for Part A.

Your organisation can apply as the Diversity Champion and fills out Part A of the application. The woman you are nominating can then complete Part B of the application.

However as ACLW’s Diversity Award will recognise an organisation or an individual as a Diversity Champion, if your organisation did not want to be the nominator, then the woman can complete part A of the application as the Diversity Champion, but Part B will need to be completed by a woman who has benefited from a current initiative that the Diversity Champion has established for assisting women.


Am I allowed to nominate my own organization which is all about empowering women?

Yes, you can nominate your organisation as the Diversity Champion through Part A of the application.  A woman who has benefited from one or more of this organisation's initiatives that are currently running can complete Part B of the application.


Will a letter of recommendation and endorsement of our project for a previous grant application be acceptable to submit as a letter from a key stakeholder?

If you can provide a recent letter from a key stakeholder that would be better than an older one. If this letter is recent and has been used for a different purpose, you can submit it for the Diversity Award if you think that it supports your application.


As an individual, can I be a nominator more than once for this Award?

As an individual, you can be a nominator more than once. However the Diversity Champion(s) you are nominating can only apply once for this Award.
How many people are we (as an organization ) allowed to nominate?

Only one application per organisation as the nominator is being accepted.


Can 2 or more people be nominated as Diversity Champions?

Yes, that should not be a problem if they have equally been responsible for the initiative(s).  Should they win, the prize money for the category would be given as one single amount to the group.

Do the Diversity Champions need to be women in Australia or can they be non-Australians living overseas?

The Award is for women in Australia, so they need to be women who are Australian. However, if they are living overseas, but their initiative is currently benefiting women in Australia, then their application is eligible. If short-listed as finalists, they will need to be present at the Award Ceremony.

Do we need to submit any supporting documents along with the application form?

Yes you will need supporting documentation as stated in the application which you can download at:

What you will need is to provide either just 1 page of quantitative evidence (eg statistics) to show the social and economic impact of the organisation's initiative(s) on women or you can provide qualitative evidence to show this (for example, report, milestones reached towards stated goals).

You will also need to provide 1 letter (1 A4 page) from a key stakeholder that articulates the impact of the initiative