Colleen Chesterman

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Colleen Chesterman
Adjunct Professor, University of Technology, Sydney
Dr Colleen Chesterman

Dr Colleen Chesterman is Adjunct Professor in the University of Technology Sydney.

Colleen Chesterman is National Director of ATN WEXDEV, an executive development program for women run by the 5 universities of the Australian Technology Network - Curtin, QUT, RMIT University, University of South Australia and UTS.

The paper is based on research undertaken by Colleen Chesterman, Professor Anne Ross-Smith and Dr Margaret Peters.  More information about this research can be found on the WEXDEV web-site

Gender Diversity and Leadership in Tomorrow's Organisations By Dr Colleen Chesterman 

Presented at the 2005 Fourth Annual International Conference on Educational Leadership, Australian Centre for Educational Leadership, University of Wollongong, NSW.